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What are the genuine code query results?

Situation 1: If you are making an inquiry for the first time, and the inquiry is successful. The query result you get is shown in the figure below.

Situation 2: If you are not inquiring about the anti-counterfeiting code for the first time,but the number of inquiries has not exceeded five times, the anti-counterfeiting code has not been frozen.The query result you get is as shown in the figure below, which can prove that what you bought is genuine.

What should I do if the anti-counterfeiting code is frozen, but I still want to inquire?

Since you have inquired more than 5 times, the anti-counterfeiting code has been frozen and you can no longer inquire independently. You can send your 16-digit security code to our mailbox:, 

We will report the result of the inquiry to you in the form of e-mail.

The network is busy and there is no query result.

Due to differences in network speeds in various regions, slow query issues often occur, please be patient and don't click the query button continuously. If you get the result in the figure below, please check again later. For the question of whether the query result is genuine, please refer to the answer in FAQ 1.

The anti-counterfeiting code you inquired about does not exist.

If the anti-counterfeiting code you inquired about does not exist, as shown in the figure below. Please note! You may have purchased a counterfeit product.

Please provide provide a link or channel to purchase this product? So that we can investigate further.

No hay suficientes ítems disponibles. Solo quedan [max].
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