What is the correct skin care knowledge? 

Skin care cold knowledge teaches you scientific skin care

Skin care is a daily thing every girl must do. In the process of skin care, there are many tedious and trivial things that require our constant attention in order to truly achieve a certain skin care effect. So what are the correct skin care knowledge? Cold skin care knowledge teaches you more scientific skin care.

1. Before skin care, you need to know your skin type. 

Generally speaking, skin types are divided into: oily skin, mixed skin, dry skin and sensitive skin. When skin care, you can only choose according to your skin type to achieve the best Good skin care effect.

2. Don't wash your face while taking a shower. 

The best way is to wash your face first and then go to the shower, because the water temperature is too hot or the shower water pressure is too high during the shower, which will damage the skin.

3. If a mask is usually applied, then when using the mask, the side without the plastic sheet should be applied to the face, and the plastic sheet should be removed after the mask is completely spread on the face. After applying the mask, you need to wash it off with water, otherwise it will easily clog your pores. For functional masks, it should not be used frequently. Even hydrating masks should not be used every day. Excessive use of skin moisture will be absorbed.

4. Do not over wash your face, just wash 1-2 times a day. Excessive cleaning will easily damage the skin's surface barrier and form sensitive muscles. After washing your face, it is best to use a disposable face towel to dry your face. Don't let your face dry naturally, otherwise it will take away the moisture from your face after the moisture evaporates, which will make the skin dry.

5. After washing your face, you should wipe the water lotion immediately, because the skin moisture has been taken away when you wash your face. Only by doing the skin care work in time can it be absorbed by the skin. When using lotion or cream, you only need to choose one of the two, unless it is desert dry skin, you only need one of them.

6. After using the basic care of water emulsion, you need to use the essence to further repair the skin. You can use moisturizing essence before 25 years old, anti-oxidant essence can be used when 25-30 years old; anti-wrinkle firming essence can be used after 30 years old.

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