Three minutes to teach you the knowledge of skin care for a lifetime

Skin care is something we do every day, but do you know the basic skin care knowledge? If you don't even know these, it's no wonder that a lot of energy has been spent on skin care, but the effect is so unsatisfactory. So what are the questions we often ask in skin care? Today I will give you a summary!

1. pay attention to the water temperature of the face wash

Washing your face is a skin care job at least twice a day, but some people say that hot water can open the pores and clean, and some say that cold water can close the pores, but in fact, the water temperature should be hot or cold, at least higher than cold water. Only a little bit of temperature, warm water can make blood circulation better, and it is not easy to grow wrinkles.

2. What is the correct skin care sequence

Makeup Remover-Cleansing-Water-Eye Serum-Eye Cream-Facial Essence-Mask-Lotion/Cream

3. Don't cleanse too deeply

Some people use exfoliation very frequently. This is also a pit that they have walked through when they are young. They think that the skin after exfoliating is particularly smooth and excessive. The stratum corneum is actually an important structure that constitutes the human skin barrier. If you remove it excessively , It will promote the production of red blood streaks and make the skin more sensitive.

4. Do I need to use special makeup remover products?

For people who apply makeup, it is a must. It’s not that the makeup remover used on the face can’t remove the eyes and lips, but the eye and lips are basically made up with heavy color, waterproof and oil-proof. Facial makeup removers often don’t have enough cleansing power to fix them. . However, it is possible to use eye and lip makeup remover to remove the whole face.

Another reason is that if you remove makeup directly on the entire face, the dark dirt after the eye makeup dissolves will cause pigmentation, and it is easy to form dark circles over time.

5. How to use lotion?

If your water is mainly for the secondary cleansing effect, wipe it with a cotton pad, if it is for the nourishing effect, pat it with your hands. In any case, hand pat is easier to master the intensity, and frequent pat can also stimulate collagen regeneration.

6. After applying the essence, can I not apply the cream?

No, the only part of the whole skin care product that shoulders the heavy responsibility of locking water is facial cream. No matter how much you apply in front of it, the effect of light supplementation will be greatly affected. I would rather not use essence than face cream.

7. Can the essence be stacked?

First, be optimistic about the ingredients. The most basic thing is that if one is fruit acids and the other is alkaline, it should not be used together, otherwise it will neutralize the effect. If used in multiple layers, the order is whitening first, then firming, and finally moisturizing. No matter how many layers you use, it is the first for whitening and moisturizing at the end.

8. Can I use a sleeping mask instead of cream?

Absolutely not. If you have a conscientious sleeping mask, all the masks must have film-forming properties. The skin must be sealed to enhance the absorption of nutrients, but the skin needs to breathe, and it must be sealed at night for many years. The membrane sleeps, becomes sensitive skin and has other skin problems just around the corner.

9. Sunscreen all year round

Don’t neglect sunscreen because it’s cold. You can’t save sunscreen work all year round. Whether it’s UVA or UVB, these two wavelengths will penetrate into the skin and penetrate the dermis, only in summer. It's strong, but it doesn't mean that it won't be tanned in winter and cloudy days. It will not only turn black, but also cause skin aging!

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