You don't know these basic skin care knowledge, 

what else are you talking about?

For girls, beauty and skincare is a lifetime lesson. Different usage habits form different skincare common sense. do you know? The skincare common sense that you have always thought is probably wrong, come and learn the correct skincare skills from the author!

1. Choose skincare products that suit your skin

   When choosing skincare products, you must first understand your skin type. How to judge your skin type?

   After cleansing the face, do not apply any lotion or lotion. After 15 minutes, take a look:

   The skin is still dry and tight-dry skin;

   Itching and redness-dry and sensitive skin;

  The skin is tight and starts to oil-normal skin;

   is not tight and soft to the touch-the whole skin begins to be oily-oily skin.

        Due to the difference in the environment and personal body hormones, people have different skin textures at different ages. When you are in your twenties, you have oily skin, but you may not have oily skin in your thirties. In addition, with the changes of the seasons and the physical condition of the individual, the condition of the skin also changes. So check your skin quality regularly and choose skincare products that suit you according to the situation.

2. Clarify the efficacy and order of use of various skincare products

   lotion, beauty lotion, lotion, and cream all have their own functions.

   lotion: moisturize and tighten the skin;

   beauty lotion: further tighten the skin;

   lotion: keep the skin moisturized;

   Cream: Further moisturize the skin.

   Skincare is divided into morning skincare and night skincare. The correct night skincare can determine the skin condition of the next morning, and the correct morning skincare can often determine the naturalness and durability of a day's makeup.

   The correct order of skincare should be as follows: cleansing → toner (toner) → mask → essence → lotion → eye cream → sunscreen (morning).

3. Don't easily conclude that cheap skin care products are not good

  The price of various skin care products is generally determined by the composition of ingredients, packaging, advertising, and company size. High-priced products use more advanced beauty ingredients, but they may also be expensive for packaging and advertising.

        In addition, some products have high price positioning because of the high quality of the product and the effect of the brand effect. For peace of mind, you should choose more expensive products. However, some companies have lowered their prices due to their scale and output. The price of a single product will also be lower when the output is large. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that cheap skincare products are not good.

4. How to preserve skincare products in particular

   The shelf life of cosmetics is divided into unopened and unopened. The three-year shelf life of skincare products and the five-year shelf life of makeup are all in the unopened case. Once the cosmetics are opened, whether you use them or not, they will be exposed to air and bacteria will enter, so the shelf life of the cosmetics will be greatly shortened. If you are worried that you won't be able to use it up in one year, then buy a small one when you buy it. For our skin, do not reuse expired skincare products.

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