Say goodbye to scratches, rubbing scars, surgical scars!

I especially like summer, because I can wear beautiful skirts and shorts with suspenders to embrace the sun!

Of course, it will also leave several scratches on mosquito bags, several scars from bumps and bumps, and several wear marks from unfit but good-looking shoes. How does this work! There are also scars left by caesarean sections for some recently upgraded to mothers, as well as those with clumsy hands (like me), who may be able to draw a courier.

Scars are always a headache we care about.

I has a few small scars from chickenpox when I was a child, and a scar from the keyhole on the door with his forehead hitting the door when he was a child. It sounds a bit like Harry Potter, but it's actually stupid! Although it won't come out without a closer look, it's still quite an eye-catcher.

Who wants these ugly scars? ? ?

After all, it's only beautiful to watch in vain!

This time Jensen is here to introduce LANBENA's scar removal products!

“Treat your skin with 100% organic skincare product from Lanbena. Be beautiful, be natural, be you.”

About Lanbena

LANBENA is a functional skin care expert brand that aims to solve skin health problems and protect skin health.

LANBENA is familiar with professional and natural skin care treatments and products. The formulas of the entire line of skin care are developed by world-renowned formula scientists. The main ingredients of the product include natural plant elements and polymer extracts.

LANBENA believes that the way to achieve skin health is to rely on the power of science, and LANBENA will try its best to provide customers with the highest quality products.

LANBENA explores and develops a series of patented technologies based on the theory of dermatology, with cutting-edge technology.

What’s included in Lanbena’s Scar Removal Products?

  • 01

    TCM Scar And Acne Mark Removal Gel 

    Pit caused by acne,pimple scars,insect bites mark,rub mark and so on ;effectively help to remove: burns,cuts,operation mark and the mark that influence the beauty

  • 02

    Scar Removal Stretch Marks Cream

    Plant extract formulated to smoothe,soften, & improve the appearanceof scars associated with skintrauma, surgery, wounds, andburns. fade scar melanin, remover stretch marks, pockmark repair.

  • 03

    Scar Removal Stretch Marks Serum

    It can smooth,soften & improve the appearance of scars associated with skin trauma,surgery, wounds, and burns, fade scar melanin, remover stretch marks ,pockmarkrepair.

  • 04

    Silicone Scar Removal Sheets

    After using this product, it helps to improve the scar, and the surface of the scar becomes soft, flat and lightened.


Scar care

  • Taboo: During the period of scar recovery, be sure to taboo. Do not eat spicy meaty things (such as peppers, raw onions, raw garlic, mutton, seafood, etc.). People with scars can eat more kelp to improve it. Try not to smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Sun protection: UV rays can cause scars to form pigmentation, so sun protection is also very important. Mepiform can protect against 7.7 UV rays.
  • Compression: During the scar recovery period, local compression of the scar is also one of the good methods. Elastic sleeves, elastic bandages, sports knee and elbow pads can be used to pressurize the outside of the scar dressing, which can inhibit the growth of scars, or promote the softening of hyperplastic scars. The compression time is generally three months to six months or even a year, and it stops until the scar is mature, stable, or there is no possibility of continued contracture.

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