Is eye cream really useful? (Is it necessary to use eye cream? Answers from authoritative experts!)

        Eye cream is certainly useful, whether it is to fight dark circles or fine lines, there is instant hope. The earlier the eye cream is used, the better, and I have also planned what type of eye cream is best for what age group. You can use moisturizing eye cream to prevent the formation of dry lines around the eyes due to lack of water when you are 18 years old. About 18-25 years old Most girls will have dark circles and fine lines around their eyes, so they will choose a more functional and anti-oxidant eye cream. After 25 years of age, the purpose of anti-aging will be more clear.

        Can eye cream reduce fine lines and dark circles? The types of dark circles and fine lines are those five types: vascular dark circles, pigmented dark circles, structural dark circles, dry lines, and fine lines. The eye area is different from other parts. The thinnest part of the whole body is The skin layer of the eyelids, sweat glands and sebaceous glands are also rarely distributed around the eyes. In addition, they are prone to dehydration and allergies. This makes the eye area one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. There are fine lines, dark circles, etc. Generally speaking, the problems that people hope to improve with eye cream are dark circles, fine lines, eye bags, etc. However, some skin problems are hereditary, and there are problems with work and rest. If you stay up until two or three o'clock every day, the effect of the eye cream is of course not strong.

        The biggest feature of eye cream is moisturizing and fighting fine lines. If you have serious eye problems and irregular work and rest, I suggest you choose medical beauty. Of course, it may also be caused by improper use of eye cream. Why the eye cream I used didn’t work. At first I didn’t understand eye cream. I insisted on using one eye cream for three months, but I didn’t notice that my dark circles have a little lightening effect. Later I realized that it can only moisturize and moisturize dark circles. When choosing an eye cream, you can look at the ingredients or ask the staff about the main ingredients of the eye cream. What are the common moisturizing ingredients: sodium hyaluronate, avocado, jojoba oil, etc. Anti-ageing: vitamin e, Difid yeast fermentation product, coenzyme q10, peptides, etc. Anti-wrinkle and light wrinkles: palmitoyl, bose, Centella asiatica extract, retinol, hexapeptide, etc. Lighten dark circles: caffeine, nicotinamide, vitamin e, EGCG tea polyphenols, arbutin, mica, etc.

Eye cream is more suitable to use several times a day

1. The eye cream should be applied to this face, not just the corners of the eyes

   The corner of the eye is the most aging area, but it does not mean that the earliest part of the eye is the corner of the eye. In fact, the aging of the upper and lower eyelids precedes the corner of the eye. Eye cream should be used both morning and evening.

2. Eye cream should be used early but not late

   Regardless of the learning environment or the working environment, the application of IT technology makes the eyes facing the computer for a long time, the eyes are too tired, and the aging is early, so eye cream care is easy to take care of early rather than late

3. Eye cream is not a panacea, it can only alleviate and defend against problems, but not solve them

  Skin aging is the iron law of nature. Eye cream cannot solve aging, wrinkle and other problems. It can only delay and condition the existing skin to an ideal state. Once the use of eye cream is stopped, wrinkles and other problems will reappear with the passage of time

4. Eye cream and face cream should not be confused

   Face cream has large molecules and is not easily absorbed by the eye skin, so it cannot be substituted for eye cream, and it should be applied before face cream

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