5 major symptoms teach you to easily identify sensitive muscles

In recent years, with environmental changes and improper care, more and more sensitive skin has been formed. So, what are the symptoms of sensitive muscles? Teach you a simple method to help you easily identify sensitive skin. In addition, there is also an introduction to how to repair sensitive skin!

1. What are the symptoms of sensitive skin? Introduction to several common symptoms of sensitive muscles:

Sensitive muscle symptoms 1: thin skin epidermis

Face is fine and white, with less sebum secretion, drier, and obvious capillaries. Facial skin appears to be less dry, the ability of the stratum corneum to retain moisture is reduced, and the formation of the sebum film on the skin surface is not complete.

Sensitive muscle symptoms 2: Facial skin is prone to allergies

Contact with cosmetics or seasonal allergies can easily cause facial skin allergies, redness, swelling, and itching. Facial skin lacks luster, cheeks are prone to congestion, redness and swelling.

Sensitive muscle symptoms 3: changes with the seasons

Facial skin tends to become unstable due to seasonal changes. The main symptoms are itching, burning, tingling, itchy facial skin and small rashes.

Sensitive muscle symptom 4: easily affected by the environment

It is easily affected by external environment or substances such as cold wind, food, water quality, ultraviolet rays, synthetic fibers, fragrance, pigments, etc.

Sensitive muscle symptoms 5: easy to be irritated

When exposed to irritating substances, it can cause skin problems. It can cause allergies to sunlight, climate, water, plants (pollen), cosmetics, perfumes, mosquito bites and high-protein foods.

2. Identification method of sensitive muscle:

Sensitive muscle identification method 1: Respond to hot and cold stimuli.

Sensitive muscle identification method 2: There are red blood streaks on the face, and the facial skin is relatively thin.

Sensitive muscle identification method 3: Facial skin often feels tight.

Sensitive skin identification method 4: Prone to allergies in spring.

Sensitive skin identification method 5: Facial skin is whiter.

Sensitive skin identification method 6: The pores are relatively small.

   meets the three criteria is sensitive facial skin.

3. How to repair sensitive skin

(1). Try to choose skin care products with soothing ingredients to strengthen the skin's hydrating and moisturizing care.

(2). Choose better isolation to avoid direct contact between cosmetics and skin.

(3). Avoid these allergens that can cause allergies as much as possible.

(4). Develop a healthy lifestyle, relax and avoid excessive excitement and anxiety.

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