The 7 Minefields Of Skincare Are Waiting For You Here

Think about it as if I buy eight skincare products every year, but it is not easy to use, but the improvement of the skin is invisible to the naked eye. When lamenting the hardships of your skincare, you may wish to reflect on whether you have chosen the right skincare products and whether the skincare methods are reasonable. In terms of maintenance, there are actually many hidden mines that prevent us from regenerating our skin. How many have you encountered?

Landmine 01: DIY skincare products are the least harmful

In the face of "chemical composition", we really don't need to panic too much. What really hurts the skin are poor-quality raw materials, irritating ingredients, and unscientific formulas. Take the most controversial preservatives. Some old preservatives can irritate the skin, but they can stabilize and prevent deterioration in skincare products. Without them, skincare products will not work for a week after opening. With the development of technology, many brands have replaced the irritating ingredients in the formula with safer ingredients. 

While DIY facial masks and face creams seem to be natural and harmless, but you must pay attention to the containers and raw materials. If they are not properly disinfected, they will easily cause bacterial infections. Homemade skincare products have a short shelf life, and storage is even more problematic. Even if they are sealed in the refrigerator, they may become bacteria Petri dishes!

Landmine 02: A piece of mask replaces the skin steps after cleansing

Especially in summer, after multiple maintenance steps, I feel sticky and greasy. Sometimes I am lazy and go to bed after cleansing and applying a moisturizing mask. Although the mask contains moisturizing ingredients, and many brands even promote the inclusion of "multi-bottles of the essence" in the mask, the mask only plays a strengthening role and cannot completely replace skincare products. 

If you want to simplify the skincare steps, it is recommended to apply lotion or gel (applicable in summer) after applying the mask, so that the nutrients are locked in the skin to have a better skincare effect.

Landmine 03: Apply the mask longer to make it more moisturizing

I believe many people know that the mask cannot be applied for too long, but when they see that the mask is still moist, they want to "not waste" and continue to apply it. Sister Mushroom would like to remind me that 15 minutes is enough time for the skin to absorb the nutrients in the mask. If the mask is applied for too long, the mask will reversely absorb moisture in the skin during the process of drying, making the dryness worse.

Landmine 04: It is better to apply a sheet mask when taking a bath

"Applying a mask while taking a bath" seems to be a time-saving and efficient absorption method. Mushroom can only hehe! If a sheet mask is applied, the water vapor makes the mask difficult to adhere to the skin, and it is easy to fall down, and the water is from the pores. Medium evaporation, the masking effect is not as expected! If it is mud or paste mask, it is easy to be diluted by water vapor or water droplets. As for the anti-aging mask and cleansing mask that will dry out, don't expect it to dry out. 

A more practical way is to give up bathing and bathing with a mask and cream masks that need to "dry out". Other masks can be applied before bathing and washed while bathing. If you take a bath, apply a mud or cream mask.

Landmine 05: Oily skin is enough

How to judge that the skin cream is enough? Some people will apply the whole face shiny and shiny to feel that there is enough. In fact, our skin needs water, not too much oil (not at all). Before the age of 40, the oil secretion capacity of the skin is quite sufficient, and the mixed skin and oily skin are even more sufficient. If you add too much oil, you can easily get acne and acne. It is recommended to apply skincare products with high oil content only on areas that are prone to drying and U-shaped areas.

Landmine 06: You have to absorb it before you can proceed to the next skincare step

How long do you have to wait between the two skincare steps before you can proceed to the next one? In fact, as long as it is absorbed by the touch and will not "rub the mud" in the subsequent skincare steps, you can continue to care without waiting for the skincare products to dry. Applying the next step of skincare products while the moisture is still on is also a good maintenance method.

Landmine 07: Make-up water must be patted with a cotton pad

When using lotion, the method of use is determined according to the type of lotion. Not all lotions are suitable for tapping with a cotton pad. To make a simple distinction, cleansing lotions are suitable for a wipe with cotton pads, whitening lotions are suitable for cotton pad wet compresses and hand pressing, and balance and calming lotions are suitable for cotton pad pressing. And when choosing a cotton pad, you must not only pursue low prices. The delicate and smooth cotton pad does less damage to the skin.

Maybe so many skincare concepts seem so complicated, but the editor thinks that girls can be hearty and independent, but they can't live too rough. Good skin and a good life are both managed by the business. What do you think?

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