Jensen - JULY 15 2021

How to removal the blackhead?

Hello! Everybody! I am Jensen who writes articles about skincare science knowledge with my heart! Many people are plagued by the problem of blackheads. Today, let’s talk about the issue of getting rid of blackheads.

What is blackhead?

Blackheads are excessively secreted by sebum and have not been effectively cleaned in time. In addition, the hair follicles are not fully keratinized, which solidifies the sebum and becomes stuck in the pores, forming acne. After contact with air, it will oxidize and become blackheads. I wanted to go out to socialize, but I was turned into a "scum" and turned into a blackhead~
Blackheads can also be regarded as a kind of acne, but it is open, and its body is exposed on the outer layer of the skin, but it is not as obvious as conventional acne, but it may induce acne and so on. And for fairies who desire fair and delicate skin, blackheads are simply the mouse shit that has broken the porridge.

The area where keratin is easy to accumulate and oil is prone to be prone to occur. The common positions are the wings of the nose and both sides.

Can blackheads be squeezed?

Generally speaking, when the topic of blackheads is mentioned, someone will definitely ask, can blackheads be squeezed out?

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to squeeze by yourself.

In addition to the bacteria on the hands, it is easy to cause bacterial infections in the process of squeezing. It is also because the hands are not light or heavy. The more you squeeze, the more sour, the more you squeeze, the harder you squeeze. The nose is distorted and you are not willing to let go. Squeeze damage. In the long run, redness and redness of the nose are prone to problems, but the blackheads are still blowing and reborn, and there is no sense of hope in life and death.

How to improve large pores and blackheads?

Using blackhead extracting liquid and timely replenishment can improve the phenomenon of large pores and blackheads. But you must choose according to your skin condition, because everyone's skin condition is different, so you must be a little careful when choosing. Because our skin has mixed types, dry skin and so on. You can also choose to use the blackhead remover to achieve the purpose of removing blackheads, but be sure to clean your skin before using it.
In addition, you need to pay attention not to be too slow when taking it off. Otherwise, the skin will be greatly affected. You can use a towel to compress the pores and shrink the pores very well. After the blackheads appear, you need to pay close attention to the treatment time, so as not to cause any damage to the skin. If you use the blackhead extracting liquid when blackheads appear, although the effect is very good, you need to pay attention to too many times when you can't use it. Normally, you can use it once a week, otherwise it will cause great damage to the skin. . It can even cause more serious damage, but also pay attention to the lack of moisture in the skin.
Always pay attention to keeping the skin clean, because if the pores are not cleaned, it will cause blackheads or acne. When choosing a facial cleanser, pay attention to choosing a clear and good facial cleanser, and pay attention to eating more fruits containing vitamin C, which can have very good benefits for the skin and make your skin smoother and more tender.

Nose strips products

The tear-off type of nasal patch was once subjected to strong Diss, and felt that it would pull the skin and make the pores bigger or something.
In fact, pulling the skin to increase wrinkles is too exaggerated, and pulling the nose patch is far less powerful. As for the problem of pores, this is an inevitable additional effect brought by the removal of blackheads. Even if the blackheads are not removed, pores still exist. Pulling out the "radish" leaves pits, which is an inevitable consequence.
Therefore, it must be emphasized: Moisturize the pores after removing blackheads.

Nose Plant Pore Strips

Regular cleaning is important

Regular use of cleansing facial cleanser is a very important care link, it can act as a role for the black and white hair to emerge.
However, don't hope that your nose will be renewed after one use. This is impossible.
The cleansing power of this product is indeed very powerful. It is really the same as "the blackheads are all blown out". After applying it, use a cleansing brush or acne needle to get it out. However, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Because of its strong cleansing ability, the requirements on the skin will be higher. Sensitive skin should be used with caution! Dry skin is also a bit laborious to use.

Pore Treatment Serum

Oligopeptides Facial Cleanser

Here, what I want to say is:
First of all, you have to understand blackheads and understand yourself. Plus a strong patience.
Finally, it is the improvement and alleviation of the problem. Blackheads and pores are not problems that can be significantly improved in one day, two days, and a week.
Especially chaotic holes, once the "support" becomes large, it is almost impossible to fully recover.

Article credit : Jensen Zhan

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