Say goodbye to acne with Lanbena’s Oligopeptides Acne Treatment Kit

Lanbena’s Oligopeptides Acne Treatment Kit

“Treat your skin with 100% organic skincare product from Lanbena. Be beautiful, be natural, be you.”

About Lanbena

LANBENA is a functional skin care expert brand that aims to solve skin health problems and protect skin health.

LANBENA is familiar with professional and natural skin care treatments and products. The formulas of the entire line of skin care are developed by world-renowned formula scientists. The main ingredients of the product include natural plant elements and polymer extracts.

LANBENA believes that the way to achieve skin health is to rely on the power of science, and LANBENA will try its best to provide customers with the highest quality products.

LANBENA explores and develops a series of patented technologies based on the theory of dermatology, with cutting-edge technology.

What’s included in Lanbena’s Oligopeptides Acne Treatment Kit?

  • 01

    Oligopeptides Facial Cleanser

    Go deep into the bottom layer to remove acne, light print, gentle cleansing, oil control.

  • 02

    Oligopeptides Clay Mask

    Acne removal cleansing mud mask stubborn acne nowhere to hide.

  • 03

    Oligopeptides Facial Toner

    Prelude to acne treatment.

  • 04

    Oligopeptides Acne Treatment Serum

    Acne, light mark and damaged repair.

    Shrink the pores and strengthen the muscle bottom.

  • 05

    Oligopeptides Acne Treatment Gel

    Repair skin and reduce acne marks.

  • 03

    Pimple Patches

    Isolate pollution and suppress acne.

Your daily routine with GemSkin’s acne treatment kit

Step 1: Cleanse your face with Oligopeptides Facial Cleanser

Cleanse your face with Oligopeptides Facial Cleanser

Two times a day in the morning and the evening

Wet your face with water, apply the face wash then gently massage around the face. Avoid the eyes and rinse off with warm water. If your skin feels dry, use the product only once a day.

Step 2: Clear away dirt with Oligopeptides Facial Toner

Clear away dirt with Oligopeptides Facial Toner

The best way to apply toner is using a cotton ball or pad. Soak it with toner and wipe it around your face, especially the T-zone. If you don’t want to use cotton, just put a few drops of toner into your hands then press them to your face.

Step 3: Moisturize your skin with Oligopeptides Acne Treatment Gel

Take out a pea-sized amount of gel with your fingertips. Don’t take too much as you can always add more later. Put the gel in your palms, warm it up and apply to your face using circular and upward motions.

Step 4: Put the pimple patch on the acne

In this last step for the perfect skin, put the pimple patch on the acne. Concentrate on absorption of acne secretions, reduce deterioration and inhibit acne,smooth skin.

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