The plan for a day lies in the morning.

    The plan for a day lies in the morning, not only the spirit of the person, but also the good mood and skin of a woman. If it is not possible to guarantee the cleanness and comfort of the skin in the hazy morning, so that it is refreshed and not tight, how can we get a steady flow of power and good condition throughout the day?
    Therefore, it is very important to clean your face correctly! But many women tend to perfunctory cleansing in the morning, or they think that "all-round touch" is the so-called "washing face", but they don't know that this kind of wrong idea is wrong. You know, the essence of cleansing lies in effective and precise, precise massage on the greasy areas of the face, and the use of gentle techniques to solve many problems such as dull complexion and swelling.

Precision cleansing technique 1: The technique must be accurate and the massage must be steady.
    When cleansing, use your index finger and thumb to gently push and pull the skin. The intensity should be gentle and even. After a night of precipitation of oil secretions, especially on the sides of the nose, the greasy feel will be particularly prominent. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the face with a refreshing facial cleanser, apply an appropriate amount on the face, massage in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse with water to ensure that the skin is fully and effectively baptized to achieve a precise cleansing effect.

Precision cleansing technique 2: Quick and orderly, gentle push and pull.
    There are many nerve endings and capillaries on the face. Use the index finger to gently massage some acupuncture points on the face. At the same time, use the ring finger to loosen and tighten the loose muscles of the face. The movements are continuous and even, four or five times back and forth. After a fast and orderly massage process, it can gently stimulate the skin, thereby stimulating the vitality and vitality of the human body, and has a full of vitality and youth.
    Precise massage cleansing can not only bring you a good skin for a day, but also benefit your health, and it can also have a certain degree of face-lifting effect. Just ask, who doesn't want to have a perfect and exquisite slap face?
So, friends, what are you waiting for, act now!