The handle of the whitening world is not a vain name. Let’s talk about VC skin care today.

July 24,2021


Vitamin C (English: Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid) is an acidic hexose derivative. It is an enol hexose lactone. The main source of vitamin C is fresh fruits and vegetables. It is derived from higher primates and a few other organisms. Essential nutrients. Vc has two isomers, L-type and D-type. Only the L-type has physiological functions, and both the reduced and oxidized types have physiological activities.


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  • So in fact, the VC component used in skin care products is L-type VC. So what is the utility of VC?

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Whitening and brightening, blocking melanin production

First of all, VC can block the production of melanin, which is the most well-known whitening and brightening effect in skin care. It takes a certain period for melanin to show a state of "skin color getting darker" on the skin. If there is VC during the formation process, it can block melanin production in time. At the same time, after insisting on using VC ingredients for skin care, its strong reducibility can effectively weaken the melanin that has been produced and "restore" it.

Anti-aging and anti-oxidant

Secondly, the strong reducibility of VC is also reflected in the activation of an enzyme in the skin, which is needed in the process of collagen synthesis. In other words, VC can promote the production of collagen, making the skin more resilient and plump. At the same time, the antioxidant capacity is excellent, and it can neutralize strongly when the skin is exposed to external stimuli and easily accelerates the production of free radicals. So VC is actually very helpful to fight against.

Well said, but VC also has its "naughty" part-it is unstable. It is very easy to lose activity, easy to oxidize, and pure VC is irritating to the skin to a certain extent. The skin care products we use are either wrapped with oils and other ingredients to keep VC from being exposed to the sun, or use relatively stable VC pancreatic ingredients.

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Q:Does VC avoid light or not?

There are divergent opinions on this issue. Because of the instability of VC, it may be inactivated under certain light. But skin care products using VC will not make the skin dark, after all, VC is still an antioxidant! It can also help resist ultraviolet rays to a certain extent when used during the day, making the skin less prone to dullness. What's more, VC in many skin care products is a relatively stable pan-biology of VC.

But there are still some products that make you try to use it at night, not because it contains VC, but because it contains other ingredients. Generally speaking, VC skin care products do not need to be protected from light. If you use VC, you should pay more attention to sun protection. I just want to say that you should pay attention to sun protection all year round!

Q: After wiping VC products that need to be protected from light, do I have to turn off the light and go to bed immediately?

Generally speaking, this kind of light refers to ultraviolet light, not light.

Q: What is the appropriate concentration of VC?

The most common concentration on the market is 5%-10%. It is mainly based on the tolerance of one's own skin. Do not try high concentration bravely for whitening sensitive skin. Ultra-high concentration of VC products, such as over 20%.

Q: Can lemons, oranges and other fruits rich in VC be used to spread the face?

It is not recommended to use fruit directly on the face. The VC content in the fruit is limited, so it is useless to put it directly on the face, and it may cause irritation. I have heard that if you want to replenish collagen every day by eating trotters, you have to eat 6 catties a day. This is also the meaning of the existence of collagen in other health products. It's all the same.

Q: Can oral administration of VC be white?

When it comes to skin care VC, it’s hard not to mention the oral VC. For a while, I took VC tablets every day and didn’t feel any whitening. I felt that the effect of oral VC on the skin was limited. However, different people have different opinions. Supplementing a certain amount of VC every day is beneficial to the body. But don't overdo anything!

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