What is the identity of the "new internet celebrity" Ectoin in the ingredient world?

To talk about the emerging ingredients that have suddenly emerged in the past two years, it can be said to be like many mushrooms after a rain, but I am particularly impressed by Ectoin.

I am a contestant who is committed to various product evaluations and planting grasses, when this ingredient first appeared, I smelled a trace of "not simple", but there were not many brands that used it in skin care products at the beginning. I Just wait and see for a while.

Recently, as this ingredient has gradually "exposed sharp corners", more and more products have begun to add it, and it is time to introduce this new student in the skin care industry to everyone!

Remind everyone, this classmate is a top student with "excellent character and academic"~

What is Ectoin?

Ectoin, whose chemical name is tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid/tetrahydropyrimidine, is an amino acid derivative. The original source is a salt lake in Egypt, although it can hardly survive in a high concentration salt lake. Biological, but there is still a kind of bacteria that survived.

It is halophilic bacteria.


After research, it is found that there is a very special substance in the body of halophilic bacteria, which can protect halophilic bacteria from damage under extreme conditions of high salt, high temperature and high ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, even in an environment with ultra-high osmotic pressure such as salt lakes, halophilic bacteria can be given the ability to survive in it.

This substance extracted from the body of halophilic bacteria was later called Ectoin.

Ectoin benefits for skin care


One of the reasons why Ectoine can allow halophilic bacteria to survive in extreme environments is that it can regulate osmotic pressure.

It is a very strong hydrophilic substance. Although the molecular weight is small, it can form a "hydration shell" around cells and proteins by combining with water molecules in the surrounding environment, similar to a stable protective film. To reduce the loss of skin moisture.

Improve skin's protective ability

It is precisely because Ectorine can combine with water molecules to form a protective shell, so in addition to preventing the loss of skin moisture, it can also be used as a "city wall" to protect the skin from external stimulation and damage, nourish and stabilize the skin, and strengthen the skin The ability to resist ultraviolet rays and pollution.

Repair and soothing

Ectoine is also a very useful repairing ingredient, especially when you experience skin sensitivity, barrier damage, acne breakage, and redness after sunburn. Choosing this ingredient can have a certain soothing effect. The fragility and discomfort of the skin will be gradually improved.

Products Recommend

“Treat your skin with 100% organic skincare product from LANBENA. Be beautiful, be natural, be you.”


LANBENA is a functional skin care expert brand that aims to solve skin health problems and protect skin health.

LANBENA is familiar with professional and natural skin care treatments and products. The formulas of the entire line of skin care are developed by world-renowned formula scientists. The main ingredients of the product include natural plant elements and polymer extracts.

LANBENA believes that the way to achieve skin health is to rely on the power of science, and LANBENA will try its best to provide customers with the highest quality products.

LANBENA explores and develops a series of patented technologies based on the theory of dermatology, with cutting-edge technology.

What’s included in LANBENA’s Ectoin Series?

  • 01

    ECTOIN Soothing Facial Cleanser

    The foam is fine and dense. With its mild formula, this face wash is suitable for sensitive skin. It contains Ectoin - the anti-allergic repair ingredient, which is gentle on the skin. It can effectively soothe skin, clean facial oil and dirt, makes the skin become smooth, firm, clean and comfortable, effectively repair your skin while resisting the invasion of smoke and air pollution.

  • 02

    Ectoin Soothing Eye Serum

    Customized For Sensitive Skin, Skin Absorbs Serum Efficiently, Against Eye Skin Aging.

  • 03

    ECTOIN Soothing Serum

    Contains Ectoin-anti- alergic repair ingredients, gently repairs the skin, and heals acne marks. It also contains difid yeast and mussel protein multi-effect moisturizing ingredients to improve fragile and vulnerable skin, enhance skin's self-healing ability, and restore skin's natural radiance.

  • 04

    ECTOIN Soothing Cream

    Soothe The Skin And Effectively Repair Allergic Skin. Deep-Sea Mussel Protein Extract Brightening The Skin And Promotes The Vitality Of Cells. The Lysate Of The Fermented Yeast Of Dfid Can Strengthens And Soothes Skin, Effectively Reduces The Skin Inflammatory Factors, And Reduces UVB Damage To Skin Fibroblasts.



Specifications:0.7 0z/ 20 g


Unique zinc alloy massage head design, 360-degree massage of the nine points around the eyes. It also contains the anti-allergic repairing ingredient Ekdoin, which has a smooth and gentle texture, effectively improves the immune protection and cell repair capabilities of skin, and making the skin around the eyes smooth and firm, effectively repairing damaged skin around the eyes. It also reduces fine lines, wrinkles and bags under the eyes.


Aqua/Water, Peach (Prunus Persica) Resin Extract,Tetrahydromethylpyrimidine Carboxylic Acid(Ekdoin), Bacillus Fermentation Product, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Mussel Extract,

Cyclopentadimethylsiloxane, Cyclohexylsiloxane, Glycerol

Acrylate/ Acrylic Copolymer, Polydimethylsiloxane, Carbomer,Triethanolamine, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryldimethyl .Taurine Copolymer, Polyacrylamide, C13 -14 Isoparaffin,Laureth-7, 1.2 Hexanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Methy|Isothiazolinone, lodopropyny| Buty| Methionine, SyntheticFluorophlogopite, Disodium Edta.

Shelf Life:3 years


1. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to conduct an allergy test on the back of the ear before using the product. Use it if no adverse effects occur.

2. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

3. If any discomfort, please immediately stop using and seek the assistance of a dermatologist.

Method of storage

Keep it in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. (Please keep out of reach of children.)

Trustable Reputations

Used for almost two months. The fine lines around my eyes have been greatly faded and eye skin turns tender now. BTW, the dry lines on neck also faded ~ WOW~ Really great!

Sally, skin age 23

Savior of eye edema, never afraid to stay up late at night! Serious eye edema once stay up all night. Luckily, the symptom is greatly improved after using this eye cream. Amazing ~ will buy more for stock!

Sunna, skin age 28

How to Use

Open cover and apply proper amount to the skin around eyes. Gently massage counterclockwise from the inner corner of the eye, pat wih fingertips to help the essence fully absorbed. 


Your daily routine with LANBENA’s Ectoin Series

Step 1: Cleanse your face with Ectoin facial cleanser

Two times a day in the morning and the evening

Wet your face with water, apply the face wash then gently massage around the face. Avoid the eyes and rinse off with warm water. If your skin feels dry, use the product only once a day.

Step 2: Ectoin eye serum

Open the lid and apply proper amount to the skin around the eyes, starting from the inner corner of the eye, gently massage the eye skin in a counterclockwise direction.Tap with your fingertips until the essence be completely absorbed.

Step 3: Ectoin facial serum

Please use it in the morning and evening after cleansing. Pour 2-4 drops of the original liquid into the palm of your hand and apply it evenly on the face.

Step 4: Ectoin facial cream

① After cleansing in the morning and evening, take the amount of green bean size and apply evenly to the face and neck. ② Tap with your fingers along the contour of the face to fully absorb

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